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School Serv Designs

A design studio dedicated to 21st-century learning needs.

School Serv Designs (SSD) is an exclusive school architecture and design firm in India with operations spanning 10 states.

At SSD, a team of leading school architects undertake Masterplanning, architecture and interior design services for national and International School buildings.

Our practices at SSD are based on high-value architectural and interior design trends that have gained currency in educational infrastructure scenario globally.

The firm has earned distinction in planning and designing modern school buildings rivalling best-designed school infrastructure and inspired learning spaces for the 21st century.

Our architectural services encompass the entire K-12 spectrum of India i.e. we provide school architecture and interior design services to CBSE, ICSE, IGCSE and IB schools.  

The interior design of the campuses designed by us reflects the vision of the school. The interiors are designed in a way that they make a statement aesthetically while being in compliance with the norms of CBSE, ICSE and IB and IGCSE boards. 

SSD has pioneered environmentally and economically sustainable school designs in many regions of the country. We are especially known for facilitating educational technology in schools through our progressive architecture and design.

Our architects and designers have successfully delivered seamless learning experiences via several unique child-centred school architectural concepts on diverse geographical scales.

Unrivalled knowledge of modern pedagogy and aesthetics aids us in re-imagining school infrastructure, designing 21st Century classroom interiors and renovating learning environments.

Combining the essentials of safety, hygiene with an enhanced scope of mobility distinguishes our school master plans, architectural compositions and interior design.

Creating conducive learning environments for child development through architectural innovation remains our hallmark.


Being instrumental in path-breaking educational institutions of merit and bring the realization into the national consciousness that school architecture, pedagogy and learning outcomes are closely related.


Giving impetus to the educational institutions through inspired architecture and design for the maximization of learning outcomes.

School Serv Designs

We have been the agent of radical change in the way learning spaces are perceived by the school promoters. We have instituted modern pedagogical hubs through globally informed expertise in the field of educational architecture and with single-minded dedication brought to life school architecture and design models that were popularly considered to be the forte of the west or South East Asia.

At SSD, well-designed schools are not synonymous with luxurious buildings and the impression is not dependent on extravagance. We believe in efficiency, resourcefulness, and economy of architecture and we heed the impact of designs on the minds of the teacher and the taught. That makes us stand apart.

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